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Bal Ashram Trust has three significant programs including Bal Ashram- rehabilitation centre, Bal mitra Gram and Banjara Education Centres.

Bal Ashram - Rehabilitation Centre

Bal Ashram is a one-of-its-kind rehabilitation centre and a registered home under Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection Act) 2015, for children away from home. The rehabilitation centre aims to develop compassionate, responsible citizens and agents of change by ensuring the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, and education of children are met. Further addressing psycho-social needs of children through our in-house mental health support making children more socially aware using a child rights approach.

Bal Ashram Trust’s rehabilitation centre has successfully reintegrated 1431 children into the society that were either rescued from child labour, child slavery, or trafficking

Banjara Education Centre

Bal Ashram Trust is also working closely with nomadic banjara communities through the holistic early learning centres- Banjara Education Centre. Currently, Banjara Education Cnters are active in 11 locations in Rajasthan and have benefitted 3530 children so far.

Banjara Education Centre is our flagship program to support children’s education belonging to exceedingly poor communities and due to continuous migration children are forced into child labour, child marriage and other exploitative practices. The Bal Ashram Trust family is determined to build child-friendly schools with stimulating environments especially for girls for them to reach out to their full potential. The activities and lessons planned for the first-generation school learners envision providing a hands-on learning experience to children and supporting their families through community-based interventions and participative reform.

Banjara Education Centre


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