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Tara Banjara - Child Labour Survivor -Advocate

Tara Banjara (17 years old) is a first-generation learner from the Banjara community, a nomadic community in Rajasthan, India, who worked in road cleaning and construction until the age of 8. Tara is now in college and hopes to join the police force. Tara is not just the first girl, but the first child in her community to complete her schooling and pursue higher secondary education. She even prevented her younger sister’s child marriage and convinced her family to send her sister to school. She has been an active member in her community spreading awareness on the issues of child labour, trafficking and child marriage. Through her leadership, she has enrolled more than 22 children from two Banjara communities in school. With her constant efforts in her community, there is no child labour and child marriage in her village today.

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